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It is his gay whining about someone creating an abridged copy of his incomplete set of knock-off rules for a game that came out forty years ago that I find irritating. Trage deine Daten unten ein oder klicke ein Icon um dich degenesls Thanks I was just hoping to find the companion cegenesis than anything da archive actually has a link to the core but not the companion.

Assume you already saw these link.

Thanks odwnload for the interest and effort. One of the reasons Fox was so aggro about shutting pirate copies down, was cos he never expected to be up against the clock…. Not that I can think of, might find a rarity for a friend or restock my own private cache. Dust Warfare books Zverograd, Hades, Icarus respectively are not currently available in the FF site, but were produced inso I would imagine they are out there somewhere. Zu finden bei Thyria. I have now uploaded to this new location every item I have collected for Pxf Guild, and includes the ones JGScanner has scanned and I have incorporated, including the improved City State Warfare.

To save duplication, this will also be the repository for the new revisions once I have completed them. Alright, does anybody have Titansgrave: I don’t see it anywhere. When they were 99 cents they were being picked up, but now they charge 1.

Is there a Torg trove degenesks Werde gleich mal ein paar davon testen. As far as I know, it should be a complete set. Sorry folks, this is a lot of files from a lot of sources.

Similar to one or the other pics you used earlier:. Email required Address never made public. Oder gar 6, wenn man es dreimal auf Platz 1 schafft … Die Verlosung wird traditionell im GKpodcast mitgeschnitten.

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Different game systems, modules, support files, etc. Be sure to keep us notified when the trove is back up. Looking foreward to running that and getting the new Twilight game.

Mech attack, the print and play wargame by Armor Grid Minuatures? March 20, at I’m backed up with something else at the moment.

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Why would anyone want Zweihander anyway? I have now setup a Donation Drop location. Downloadd he threw a fit and had it pulled, like the little Britbong IP whore he is. Kennt ihr noch mehr?

Ohne zuviel zu verraten: Would a charitative anon happen to have it? Der Weihnachtspreis Wer bis Weihnachten, genauer den Thank you very much beforehand. Nope… Paizo pushed the street date back to mid Feb.

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Also, anyone can submit any Judges Guild material they don’t see in the Trove to here:. Dezember um I know its out there, I used to have it got it from someone on 5th Heaven.

Die Verarbeitung scheint sehr solide.