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Check Out and Edit: Display the Windchill information page for the document. Check Out and Download: Define any additions attributes for the document.

This action is available only when the document is checked in. This gives you control of checking out the document and thus locking it to dlwnload use only, and also checking the document in to allow others to edit it. Upon completion, you have the option to save the document or check it in. Here you can search by full or partial document name, number or description and also within the range of dates the document was created in or last modified.

Planning your upgrade to Windchill 11?

This releases your hold on the document and makes it available for others to check out. This action is available only for documents you currently have checked out. After clicking the link you will need to accept the license agreement.

Undo a checkout without saving any changes or creating a new iteration. Once a document is opened this way options for Document Actions become active.

Windchill Desktop Integration allows you to manage your documents in Windchill without leaving Microsoft Office applications. For example, a new revision of A. Document Actions — commands for checking-out, editing, checking-in and revising your documents. Many may not be aware that these desktop integrations are there to download and use from your own Windchill systems.

Open the Xownload Document Template window which allows you to create a new document template in the Windchill database and attach a file you are authoring in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint as primary content. In addition, Windchill Desktop Integration maps Windchill document attributes, such as name and number, to Microsoft Office file properties.

One of the most common tasks is saving a new document into the Windchill system that is currently open in Microsoft Office.

Edit attributes for the primary content or document. You can use these mappings to display Windchill document attributes in your Microsoft Office file as content so that when you open a document, it is updated with the latest Windchill attribute information. Only out-of-date models are updated for an Update action.

Once you have connected you will instantly notice that the Windchill tab has grown in content, with multiple sections: Click this link and Click Run to launch the install Ref Figure. Upon completion, you have the option to downloas the document or check it in, depending upon your preference settings.

Installing Microsoft Office Integrations The first thing to do is locate the Utilities page where you can wjndchill the integrations. New Windchill Document Template: Define the document Type Ref Figure.

Tutorial: Installing Windchill Desktop Integrations and Some Common User Tasks

Select this option if you made accidental changes and want to return to an original copy of the document. If a primary content file is attached to the document template, it provides phc standard format for you to use in authoring a file in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Renaming a document could make it difficult for others to find the document if they are searching by name.

This brings you to a page turorial many software downloads, including the Windchill Desktop Integration. Setting up the Server Connection Configuration is where you can set up a link to one or more Windchill servers. This option is available only when you are connected to a Windchill server. Check out the document so that you can edit attributes for the primary content or document.