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Especially since the Patch that comes with Late Night eliminates the necessity to select certain traits to spawn a Lifetime Wish selection.

If they succeed, the Sim will be transformed to a Zombie for two full days after suffering an apparent death. I have the elixer downloas. Are you sure you want to report it? Sims may feel creeped out by a nearby vampire wishing for a snack.

You can stop the lunar cycle or lock it in a particular phase by going to the options menu. Are you sure you want to report it? Check the links below for full information on each. I’ve checked CAS and the mirror like you do to change the mermaids scales, but I can’t find anything. They’re all around town, and are a great way to travel. Turn on testingcheatsenabled true then shift click the elevator in live mode and shift click delete the objects it will come up with the option: Their speciality is their ability to use their heightened senses to hunt insectsgemsand metals.

Hi, I’m trying to install my sims 3 supernatural but it doesn’t want to install. Sims can buy Beekeeping boxes in the Outdoor – Outdoor activities tab.

The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion Pack

Head to the dining room tab, and select bars. If you wanted new stuff, you’ve got it. Then try selecting the elevator. I’m not sure it belongs here – they are covered well here. I reloaded the game, and tried to re-install. Dancingsimmer from instagram says I downloaded it but it wont come up or let me play it. Or you can make a sim into a vampire by going into Create-A-Sim and going to accessories and clicking on the little “v” mark at the bottom.

She’s a teen and I have given the potion to her. It says the elevator is In use to i cant select it i dont know what to do please help??

I’m now working on siims site for The Sims 4. This gives a lot more diversity to the way Sims can look, but most of the ladies in Bridgeport appear to have already had cosmetic surgery. Here are some of the Packs available: But Nraas mods, in particular the Traveller Mod can help with keeping data from one world to another. How do i get more people in them?

I bought an expansion and I don’t know how to add it like how do you play the expansion When your Origin Dock has opened, click the Sims 3 thumbnail downlooad hit play.

Hey Carl, I really thank you for helping me out with all the tips and info on your site, you really have become pretty popular amongst Simmers. Hey Carl my fairy is pregnant and my man tod her to forsake her fea and there is no arrow that shows on top of the moodlet box to forsake her fea plz help!!

When my Sims are stuck in elevators againi know what to do!

The Sims 3 Supernatural EP Review and Game Guides

Does anyone have any ideas? Since a Sim’s celebrity rating is so important in Late Night, this is going to be a trait that’s very often sttategy.

Do Genies get cured by a Potent Cure elixir or not? This is a 6-day cycle default, max 10 with multiple moon phases and of course a Full Moon.

The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack

Im haveing a small issue trying to download the game, I just got the game today and when i put the dic in start to load and all but then it stops and says ‘This product required an instakked copy of The Sims 3. This is a fun new feature for the game and will likely be the most popular alternative Life State brought with a Sims 3 expansion pack. I don’t know if you can get them with Supernatural.

Search our Sims 3 Site. It’s not there when they are “extremely irresistible”? There is no restriction on travel for any type of Sim. Do different coloured glows signify what Supernatural type they are? It completely stops what they’re doing and places them back home, and it helps so much.

New Lifetime Rewards are always welcome to Simmers. The Bass, Drums, and Piano skills are out and the instruments can be played like the guitar to wow other Sims and make Simoleons. When I re-used the code, it said that I had already used the code, so it’s not like I just typed it wrong.

They come with either expansion. I have an elevator stuck in a building that im not living in Is there any way out of this i badly need late night.