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It also means your basic Sisters are more likely to survive a Power Fist to the face than the average Marine, which is highly amusing.

Trained to the highest levels possible for normal humans and possessed of a phenomenal faith in the Downlaod of Mankind, the Sisters would go on to engage in Wars of Faith, bringing the light of the Emperor to parts of the galaxy that had fallen into darkness.

And if you manage to avoid all that, some genestealers might infiltrate your planet and bring a hive fleet crashing down on you any way. On the one hand we have some incredibly cheap HQs, but most of your staple wister like Sisters and Dominions are now more expensive. Take a squad of 9, melta bombs on the Mistress, and Uriah Jacobus and make him your Warlord.

Sister of Battle manning an Immolator Flamer weapon.

Codex: Sisters of Battle (5th Edition) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Having coxex identified as pef candidate for membership, the individual is shipped to one of the two convents, where she will be subjected to a lengthy and arduous regime of testing intended to gauge her suitability to join the sisterhood and to identify which of the orders she would be most suited to. Wraithblades are an interesting option for high-strength melee, though getting them there might be sticky. Worry not, Cult Mechanicus has anti-armor in spades.

With T3, 1 wound and no invul or FNP to speak of, they’re even more fragile than your Battle Sisters, and have no transports of their own.

OK, now that we’re done with the dick swinging, Sisters are a pretty hard force to play. Well, they have a lot of dakka and a lot of bodies. Don’t forget about the cheap basic Psyker, too – who doesn’t want more Prescience to hand out?

Codex Sisters of Battle 2nd Edition

Seriously, with all the haywire, plasma, and grav weapons Cult Mechnicus has combined with the sheer amount of Meltas Sisters have as well as Exorcists, this combo can annihilate any vehicle based army. Sisters of Battle 2nd Edition. Even if not Eldar, ignoring cover is just so damn useful.

Although I do have a potentially fun tactic with a Canoness ya’ll might enjoy see below. Troops are troops, you know what they do. These guys have all the anti-tank a good ally needs and more, in addition to being great cannon fodder. Easily the best section of our codex, so don’t be afraid to unashamedly drop sisetr here. Their best use is as a suicide unit duh pointed directly at your opponent’s dedicated close combat squad.

When not actively prosecuting the Gattle wars, the Battle Sisters of the Orders Militant divide their time between rigorous training and devout worship of the Emperor.

Tougher than Sisters and with a codex full of toys, allied Marines are useful for objective grabbing or filling gaps in your army. Stormravens and Land Raiders can be useful. And as a added bonus, they have two attacks base, and can charge after shooting as they can act also use them as assault troops. That aside there is potential. And now Vanilla Marines have Stormravens.

Don’t argue, do it. However the sisters main, perhaps only strength is in short range power so the nids don’t bring anything new to the table other then flying monsters, but unless you go unbound your selection of those monsters will be limited to at most two HQ and fast attack.

All in the courtyard went down upon their knees, and the Daughters of the Emperor proclaimed their fealty to High Lord Vandire. Especially for their cost.

Adepta Sororitas | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

With the release of the Imperial Agents book, there are now two different flavours of Adepta Sororitas to field. Notify me of new comments via email. Chaos Coddx bring overwhelming mental firepower. Believe it or not, Sisters may have gotten better under the 7th edition updates, or at least moved up a bit in the metagame. Hello, 4d6 thrust move. Their duty as part of the Sisterhood is to ensure and enforce the physical and spiritual purity of humanity and the departments of the Adeptus Terra.

I wanted to set it up like gw sets up their codices. Repentia positively wreck a hundred kinds of crap out of them. Roll to see if the fire on the unit dies and see if it wounds it after that. Striking at initiative one instead of downloae is not such a big deal, since generally that means they will go last anyways, but losing the ability to strike even when dead is a definite kick in the giblets. Park a couple artillery pieces and Russes battlr your Exorcists and whack them with your Techpriests’ wrenches no, not like that!

Vandire was consumed in a blinding white light, and when downlod vision of the gathered witnesses had cleared, they saw that he stood unharmed before them.

Warhammer 40,000/6th Edition Tactics/Adepta Sororitas

Either by breaking them upon us like waves against a limitless, golden peak or by thrusting through them like the spear of the Immortal Emperor Himself. Yeah, they don’t get the new Psyker stuff, but the across the board Adamantium Will means you’ll resist filthy Psykers better than most armies that either have none Necrons, Dark Battke or avoid the Psykers they have Orks.

Like you wouldn’t buy these cheap cheese croissants anyway. Doing so will just enforce the concept of target prioritizing the low toughness Sisters and removing them from the objectives early which means significantly less scoring in later turns which could lose the game. Quite unfortunately, the Sisters have two og problems to anyone trying to create an army with them. These are all strong units when you look at them. Sure, they have some interesting weapons, but they’re hard-pressed to match the sheer dakka of the Imperial Guard.

It makes about as much sense as Nattle in the Batle book, plus Arbites use Rhinos and Repressors too – although they also use Razorbacks, which means three extra unit entries at least HQJudge squad, Razorback.