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Personality and Individual Differences, 51, Hence, the analysis helps us to understand that cultural conceptions are not only reflections of “real” cultural wotklife but are also products of complex cognitive, emotional and political processes.

The behaviour of police officers in conflict situations.

A model of burnout and life satisfaction among nurses. A study of employee-supervisor pairs in the building sector. Creativity and charisma among female leaders: Tijdschrift voor Positieve Psychologie, 1, Stability and change in burnout: Les chercheurs en comportement organisationnels publient leurs recherches dans des oc tels que le Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Academy of Management Journal, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Reciprocal relationships with job demands and health. The article discusses the strategies implemented by business schools to help and motivate their professors to enter some existing communities of established scientists invisible collegesand the consequences of these trends for the organization of business education.

Who takes the lead? The role of regulatory fit between cohabiting partners. Several current studies have found that firms do not necessarily improve their financial situation or improve productivity through downsizing Cascio, Young, and Morris, ; Mentzer, Hence, we contribute to a very recent stream of research showing that the structural and relational dimensions of social capital are qualitg.

International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 14, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, 8, Downsizing is sometimes quallity, but it always can be done better or worse. Burnout and work engagement: Anxiety, Stress and Coping, 29, Determinants of change in the intention to use benzodiazepines. By encouraging employees to acquire new skills and knowledge, person-based pay programs may foster the development of a highly flexible workforce. Does smartphone use obstruct the possibility to engage questionnalre recovery activities?

International Journal of Stress Management, 10, Working parents of children with behavioral pf European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 24, Naar een positieve benadering in de Arbeids- en Gezondheidspsychologie.

Persoonlijke effectiviteit bij anonieme homoseks op openbare ontmoetingsplaatsen. A day in the life of a happy worker: A meta-analysis of Big Five intercorrelations and a criterion-related validity study. This article argues that expectations that cutback will produce better management in the public sector are unreasonable. A positive approach of occupational health.

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Our downlaod reveal the presence of a positive, statistically significant correlation between the adoption of high-commitment practices and improvements in quality and time-based performance. Journal of Management, 31, Buy a targeted audience With SurveyMonkey Audienceyou can purchase access to an audience who meets specific demographic criteria for your survey.

Burnout and work engagement among teachers.

We show that the method is helpful to participants in that it extends their representations of stakeholders and helps them to reframe sustainability. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 64, International Journal of Stress Management, 13, De invloed van waargenomen extremiteit op het overredingsproces.

Exploring the structure of the research networks of these business schools, we highlight two quailty structuring mechanisms: A diary study relating strain, emotional labor and service performance.

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The moderating role of self-efficacy beliefs in the relationship between anticipated feelings of regret and condom use. Flow among music teachers and their students: The lens integrates various bodies of literature by pointing out their specific change perspective as well as the transition zones between their underlying assumptions.

Using several working groups dealing with rural sustainability issues, this method has proved effective in collectively building repertories of practices and stakeholder categories.

Vertical strong ties bring direct support and solidarity, resulting in improved access to resources and priority over other projects; sparseness provides exposure to the full range of information and interpretations in the organization, questionjaire in a more accurate picture of the political landscape and thus enabling the implementation of an appropriate influence strategy.

Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 31, – Hoe werkomstandigheden van invloed zijn op burnout: Moreover, we test if the impact of high-commitment practices on firm performance is contingent on the strategy followed by the firm.

Key factors in qquality engagement and job motivation of teaching faculty at a university medical center.

The loss spiral of work pressure, work-home interference and exhaustion: Van der Zee, K. This essay reviews evidence about some of what to avoid, as well as about what to approach, in such dour if not tragic exercises.

Despite abundant research, the relationship between strategy formalization and innovation remains unclear. European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 28, It explains its origins, and defines the territory that it covers, specifically, the kinds of career on which the articles focus, the meaning of the term “new science,” and the kind of connections questionnaire we believe can be made between the two.