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Thanks to the Magnuson-Moss Act, you will not violate your warranty if you do your own maintenance. What should I use to lube my chain? If I e-mail you, you’ll give me the secret list of other changes, right? How do I adjust the valves? The automotive alternator is also much more powerful than the motorcycle system, so it can overwhelm the battery. Occasionally, mechanics accidentally discard this tube with the filter.

The KLX is much more dirt-oriented, with inverted forks, lighter weight, a smaller gas tank and different engine.

An “L” at the end of an Catalo designation means that it is a California bike with a smog cannister. If the seat doesn’t fit, or the stitching isn’t up to snuff, you may be stuck with it.

Dualsportrider [links] makes a plug-and-play kit that relocates the under-seat fuses per above and converts them to ATO. Do I need to have the valves checked at miles? It isn’t as fine and therefore not as quiet as fiberglass, but it should last indefinitely. It’s not too hard to replace, if you want to do it yourself.

For extra stability, Eldon Carl has designed fork tube extensions that allow you to lower the fork further. Known Issues [return to top] Fork oil level: The one downside so far is that you can’t push start the bike without opening the engine back upbut otherwise it appears to be solid.

It is possible for these to fall off while you are sliding the tank in place. Fuel capacity The actual stock fuel capacity downkoad around 5.

For that reason, it seems like a good thing to keep. Are there sal alternatives to Kawi valve shims? When driving on the new seal, be aware that the case does NOT have a shoulder.

His bike was fully stock, except the pilot screw sea backed out to 1. Many grips also have circumferential slots for tying down with safety wire.


Depending on the source, values up to 48 hp have been sjf. In fact, you might get a plusher ride if you sit on the bike, and then vent the forks through the valves. Updates available for you? Error in some shop manuals A few versions of the shop manual call for the fork oil level to be checked with the forks extended. Proper clearances are 0. There are also cc and cc kits developed by Cary at Schnitz Racing. Dual Star makes a machined bracket that should zkf much stronger than the stock unit.

To get at this gas in an emergency, tilt the bike over to the left as far as possible, and start riding again. If you remove it, your oil will not get filtered.

Look in the end of the exhaust, there is a small perforated pipe running from the opening to about 8″ inside.

The Alfa Romeo Montreal Website

Check the wires, make sure they are securely attached to the battery and the screw isn’t bottoming out in the slot before it reaches full tensionand make sure the faces of the ring terminals and battery terminals are clean. For a mechanical solution, you can rub it down with or steel wool, and follow with a wool buffing wheel dryor use rubbing compounds. Note that it only should be turned in one direction.

I refer you to one member of the DSN list who reported the beginnings of piston slap Put a thin film of downlpad in the groove; this will hold the diaphragm in place. The commercial version has a rubber baffle.

This material is provided for reference only. Note that you can also get some adjustment by simply rotating the stock handlebars. How has the KLR changed over the years? Maintenance [return to top] If I do my own maintenance, will I violate the warranty?