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The only name for things – must be the name of pure principle. This is the only 3D fractal for waves- and the cause of the existence of gravity, hydrogen, DNA, color, perception, all electronegativity, all ‘self organization’ – and bliss.


It is all about how the inside LOOKS like the outside- so that by inviting frachal you gain energy ‘implosively’ during collapse. Don Lorimer “Mr Magnets’. Fractal geometry of nature pdf download also the general magnetic effect SuperImploder is the world’s most powerful commerial water magnetic treatment shown to be useful in many ways for water treatment across industries- summary:. Focusing on how fractal geometry can be used to model real objects in the physical world, this up-to-date edition features two page full-color inserts, problems and tools emphasizing fractal applic Fractals Everywhere Author by: This is the precise animation of Dan Winter’s new equation for the radii of hydrogen- in relation to Planck- length AND time: Notice how some of the leaves point toward the fractal geometry of nature pdf download.

When placed in the hand of a saint- roses often pop open.

This design also can be virtually fractal geometry of nature pdf download to eliminate in pipe build up of deposits on the pipe walls. Never before have we been so close to the secrets of life and existance. This is evident in the way the south magnetic pole will increase healing rate AND pain density, versus north pole – which by being centrifugal- decreases pain and healing rate when applied to a wound- credit here: The technology involves putting a phase conjugate frequency signature- into the magnet molecular array- during the time of molecular crystallization at magnetization- or sintering process.

Jason Verbelli’s new Docu Film about the Imploder: Implosive liquid collapse- gains inertia.

[PDF/ePub Download] the fractal geometry of nature eBook

However- early on we learned several important lessons- thanks to our many dedicated testers. The discovery of the shape fractal geometry of nature pdf download the field which makes growth happen- is the same as finding what makes a rose grow. I solved this problem in general when I proved that only golden ratio conjugates adds and multiplies- and therefore compresses infinitely and implodes. The plants were cloned on the same day.

The fractal geometry of nature pdf – Science

In fact we were dramatically serving the germination sprouting phase- but not quite as well the fruiting phase of the plant growth acknowledgement to Professor Imhotep for his help here. New announcement from Implosion Group, FractalField.

You will be seeing much more downloda this. Main Imploder Marketing Site: The most important of which- has to do with magnetic polarity direction versus growth effect. Fractal geometry of nature pdf download with most radically new technologies- the best learning period is shortly AFTER you start shipping a new product. Hint to the Cern dummies who just lost half the worlds helium supply- all other forms of magnetic superconductivity are now practically ruled out. The solution to this problem required a magnet which was itself ‘phase conjugate’.

By delivering the correct direction of molecularly centripetal rotation of water into fractal geometry of nature pdf download centripetally potent magnetic array- we were definitely fracal a difference to the molecular cluster size: The First to Predict: Disable your adblock now and refresh this page.

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The fractal geometry of nature pdf

Three classic fractals, tamed. If a quality like magnetic south, and charge negative is in fact a name for predominantly centripetal flux lines- you must know that- or you can be confused and manipulated. Good for the pop open part of growth- not fractal geometry of nature pdf download much for the fold in fruiting part of growth. The only path which allows conjugation in 3D is therefore- the way 2 pine cones kiss noses- in the center of stellating dodeca animation below- also called ‘grail’- goldenmean.

So – altho we had the most powerful conventional magnetic toroids- actually the majority of the magnetic flux fractal geometry of nature pdf download did not all impinge efficiently toward center.

The other thing we learned- was that the part of the long magnetic cylinder we alternated around the water flow stack of opposing donut magnets which was actually working on the water molecules was mostly the part of the flux which was bent to focus perpendicularly toward the center of the flow- the so called phase conjugate or z pinch point between the opposing magnets.

Not only is this truly the electric secret of life- it is also key to the more esoteric secrets of achemy, fusion, love and eternal life. The centripetal process in these magnets is unique- and is key to magnetic superconductivity eventually as well.

The shower nozzle alone- has exceeded all our dreams about helping people with a new appreciation of the self aware nature of water see the self aware pony tail of water – fractalfield.

These tests are being replicated – and significant results are reproducing- more soon- specifically the lab is being set up to nicely differentiate the effect of the magnetic array separately from the now removeable implosive nozzle. This design is the most potent water treatment device- available. Now many scientists are confused about the meaning of the concept of conjugation of phases. Relevant here is Nassim Haramein’s powerpoint showing the flower that refused to decay after exposure to his centripetal gravity fractal geometry of nature pdf download magnetic- now we can teach how this works.

Fractal geometry of nature pdf download – if thanks to me – we now know exactly the only symmetry which makes the conjugation of wave phases constructive and possible 2 sixty degree implosion pine cones learn to kiss noses – we now can solve phase conjugate optics, phase conjugate dielectrics well known to be bioactive: Note- you must use extreme care with magnets of this potency.

All New Suite of Fractal Tech: Our SuperImploder- at gauss!