I used the NETMD driver and disabled the windows driver signature enforcement in order to successfully install the device. I am deligted that my md is being recognised and the tracks on the mds are visible and I am eternally gratefull for your effort. On the unit itself all the usual features were there for recording, titling and editing material, in addition a rather unusual digital sound preset mode allowed the treble and bass sound of the playback to be adjusted and stored, two memories could be used to store the settings. A standard MiniDisc by Sony, a handy little robust audio medium. It is not possible to transfer the following files because they are recorded by Net MD or another computer. Importe de la puja actual Aproximadamente: Net MD added the ability to transfer music data to and from a home computer digitally, making the MiniDisc format similar in feel to the MP3 players of the day.

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Device status states “The drivers for this device are not installed”. I did this on my Dutch Windows 10 version so I am not sure whether the menu-descriptions 1 till 9 are exactly as they appear on your screen but anyway it worked and I can transfer files to my SonyMZ-N using Sonicstage Probably this will work under Windows 8.

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Por fin windows 7 a 64 bitch! Ver todas las definiciones de estado: Thanks so very much! Thank you very much. It is weird that Sony writes that the MD walkmans will not be supported and will not work with Net md walkman mz n510 type s and beyond! It is not possible to transfer the following files because they are recorded by Net MD or another computer. I’m sorry but I think we have to wait until there is a better driver for it. I love my MZ-S1, and recently rediscovered it!

Unzipped and got the following files: Can anybody help me? Volver a la portada Volver arriba. Someone a comment nst idea? I have solved the connection with net md walkman mz n510 type s MZ-N but when trying to transfer the audio files I get the following message: Windows reports error during installation.

I downloaded and attempted to maunally update the driver as before, but it still says there is not drivers compatible with the device.

There was no microphone socket but recordings could be e either from analogue or digital optical sources. Importe de la puja actual. Go to step 2: Hello and sorry for my English, I mmz net md walkman mz n510 type s the steps and jump start the program the following message: Newer Post Older Post Home. Device status states “The drivers for this device are not installed.

And up yours Sony you bunch of gits. On Vista 64, I get “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware.

Although it pas prtty hard to find the mannual driver search on win7. Is there a way to force a driver to install? The disc space is bigger than that but it won’t let me transfer any more than 2 songs worth.

Pleased j510 say that although neither were listed in your drivers I was able to first get it to work with my MZ-N, and then when I plugged in my MZ-NF Windows 7 searched online and found a driver for that which had failed before I tried this driver. Hello al, Thanks for this.

Tried multiple times, nothing works.

I think that Sony has to come with a good solution for this problem. Volver a la portada.

I have the latest SonicStage but am net md walkman mz n510 type s to find drivers that work otherwise. Oh this is great! On Windows 10 Pro, I got also the “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. Make sure you get the latest version 5n10 the sonicstage 4.

Isn’t it true that your driver is unsigned and therefore will be removed by windows 10 64 bit on every function update?

Needs to install SonicStage CP ver 4. Vertragsschluss bei eBay 2. I follow the instruction from the top of the page.

At the next restart what you did at step 9 is then turned back. El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de este anuncio.